Press release writing is not something that can be learned on the fly. And it is not something that amateurs do well at in the vast majority of cases. If you are interested in productive press release writing, there are 7 best ways to excel at press release writing today.

1. You absolutely must understand and learn the proper format that a press release is to be in. Over 90% of all press releases that are written today are in the wrong format and are thrown away. Reporters know who is a professional and who is not.

2. In regards to productive press release writing, you need to be concise. Long, drawn out press releases will be completely ineffective.

3. In order to excel at press release writing, you need to be familiar with how the press works. Unless you’ve been a part of the press in the past, or actually have been involved in media relations, you need to get educated.

4. In productive press release writing, you never bombard reporters with one release after another.

5. You need to make certain that your press release contains accurate and honest information. Submit false information to a reporter one time and you will be finished in press release and in productive press release writing.

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