Staff Announcements Are Always Newsworthy Press Release Topic Ideas

Sometimes businesses resist a press release simply because it exudes too much “shameless self-promotion.” However, every business owner LOVES to boast about employee achievements. Brag away about:

• Pending speaking engagements: Do you have an onsite expert that is serving as a keynote speaker soon? Always distribute one PR before the event to get the word out, and one afterwards to let your consumers know how successful the function was.

• New personnel: Directors and C-Level staff always make for great news. Be sure to include your new employee’s work history and industry relevance so your customers instantly see the value this person will deliver.

• Employee award or achievement: Whenever someone on your team has been recognized in any way, proudly tout it out to the masses!

• Training/certification: This one often gets missed for business owners looking for press release topic ideas. Has your team undergone a new training or certification regime? Let your targeted demographic know that your staff is now even better prepared to serve them!

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